Our business plan

Our business plan started coming into existence due to two old friends´ needs early in 2012. While talking about beer over beer a new concept was born : to offer both beer brewed by small breweries and special kinds of beer. The return to the heritage and traditions of the good old times of the first republic has become the pillar of our plan. In the times of the first republic people used to go for a pint mainly to beer places, therefore BEER PLACE. In those days it was common to drop in for a few pints of beer, to stop for a while at the bar, to have a word or two with the barman, either some friends or strangers, or alone, just for fun, either with something to eat or not and therefore NA STOJÁKA…STAND- UP. The heritage of the old times also passes on to the quality of our service, the selection of traditional delicacies to go with beer and finally to the interior design. At the same time all conveniences of present time are available. Nevertheless the door is also open for those who have not developed a taste for beer yet. We offer wines, soft drinks and good coffee, too. Our intention is to keep up with the times as well as to look back a little. If you really enjoy your meals and feel comfortable at our place, it will be our gratest pleasure.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Jiri Jizdny


Běhounská 16
602 00 Brno
T: 702 202 048


Pekařská 2
602 00 Brno
T: 702 203 048